May Joint meeting

Brethern, this Wednesday May 2nd will be hosting along with Beaver Ionic Lodge the official visit of Grand Master Tom Love.

April Regular meeting

Thank you to all the brothers who assisted in initiating our newest brother.

David Williams, welcome to worlds best fraternity

Regular Meeting March 7th

Brethren, Please join us for our regular meeting at 7:30 pm @MMT

Supper at 6:00pm cost $20

Feb regular meeting guests

Visting brothers from Fil-Can, Alberta and BC as well as GL Leo


Regular Lodge Meeting Feb 7,2017

Brethern please join us for our eegular meeting this Wednesday. Fil-Can visit and a JRC Evans lecture.



Robbie Burns Night


Plain Salt

Robbie Burns Supper January 17th, 2018



Regular meeting January 3rd, 2018

Well the first meeting of the year was made special as St Johns was treated to the JRC Evans lecture by R.W. Bro. Gord Griesley 

A great talk and discussion afterwards


Happy New Year Brothers

Regular meeting December 6th

Brethern come out and support your lodge tonight